You guys heard of it?  If not, absolute shame on you.  Andy and I began watching the first series about six months ago and became absolutely hooked.  Now on Series 4, I’m now more excited to see him for a night in, in order to watch Dexter than just to see him, ha!  For those of you who don’t know, Dexter is the hit American TV series surrounding the life of sociopath serial killer Dexter Morgan.  It’s just amazing, the way the writers make you laugh, cry, gasp and essentially fall in love with such an evil disgusting man.  It’s incredible.  Not to mention the cliff hangers series to series, I jump around the room in excitement for all of thirty seconds, before watching Episode 1 of the next series straight away, oh the joys of downloading.

It’s also really made me want to go to Miami!  After Britain and Island’s Next Top Model AND Kelly’s X Factor girls heading there, the stars are telling me it’s totally a-go-go!  The Cuban dancing bars, the beautiful white beaches, the sailing, the beautiful bustling vibe EVERYWHERE you go.  I actually can’t wait.  After finding a holiday deal for just £500 for an entire week there … yes I know, it’s scarily plausible.  Just sacrificing one night out a week at Uni from now til Summer … BOOM, money saved.  Apologies, I’m getting carried away.

Essentially, it’s incredible. I’m not really a ‘series’ kind of person.  I can’t concentrate for more than an hour without a cup of tea and some jelly beans, and I can get very confused by too many in a cast and an over the top amount of story lines.  But Dexter has it just right, I flipping love it.  So, a quick post, procrastination in the middle of journal writing when my internet went down.  But yes, if you’re going to watch one series start to finish before you die (other than The West Wing, obviously), I would recommend Dexter.


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