So I’ve officially moved into my new student house.  Anyone see Fresh Meat?  Annoyingly, cause it was pretty rubbish, Uni is kind of like that.  After Halls, 9 of us, 5 girls and 4 boys, a beautiful concoction of misfits moved into our (not quite) lovely student house.  Gone are the days of the scary cleaner everyone would hide from, a bar literally on our doorstep and our hallways being hoovered for us.  Hello to actually having to wash up, remembering to lock the doors and answer for the postman.

Living here for officially 5 weeks has been pretty up and down, amazing, but up and down nonetheless.  Weeks 1 and 2 were incredible, overcome by the nostalgia of knowing each other for a whole year and a plethora of Freshers events to choose from, our house soon became pre drinking central and home to many crazy antics.  Week 3 was a bit of a down.  I won’t give too much detail, because I don’t think I’m really allowed, but basically, we were burgled.  Our safe haven of love and laughter had come crashing down around us, with the disgusting and brutal knowledge that someone had been in our house.  It wasn’t even so much that stuff got taken; it was just horrible thinking what could have happened if any of the family had been in at the time … we could have been advertising for a new house mate.

A couple of weeks later, were back to feeling amazing again, at least I know I am.  A crazy Mexican party on Tuesday left the house scattered with toffees and pieces of piñata, a task which Team 1 of cleaning will have to clean up tomorrow (i.e., me).  So basically quick updates letting you know that stuffs good.  The house is good, uni is good, my course is good, life is good.  Hope you’re all … well, good!


2 thoughts on “22

  1. Hey Annabel, really sorry to hear that you got burgled, hope you’re all ok and you didn’t lose too much stuff. Got burgled at home once by our decorator, really horrible to have that happen to your personal space!

    Anyway, glad to hear that the rest of uni is still going well for you, pretty much the same here too, love the house and having some really great lectures. Keep us posted on how everything is with you!

  2. Hey, oh thanks, yeah we’re fine now, was just a bit of a shock at the time! Oh no, totally know how it feels!
    Yes everything’s fine thanks, how are you doing? Hope you’re well! Speak soon :)

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