I’m back! Well at least for now. Hitting Uni has left me with a lack of routine, structure and motivation for work. I knew it would be like this to an extent, but not like this! My life has changed so much. It is now 2011, I live in Southampton studying Geography at University, I have the most incredible friends in the world and a beautiful man in my life. It sounds poor, pathetic and uncommitted, but I simply haven’t had time to write. My days are filled with recovering from the night before, maybe an hour or two in a lecture, an afternoon nap before a quick pub stop then heading out again. Monotonous, perhaps, but not when you attend the most incredible, busy, liveliest pubs and clubs on the South Coast, see some of the most amazing live acts, and share it all with the most beautiful people you’ll ever know. I’m loving every second of it. 2010 Year of Culture did not fly out the window. I just didn’t write about it. I’ve visited Southampton galleries, a few museums, been up to London countless times, trekked it to Bristol for a weekend, not to mention all the gigs and music venues available round here! I’ve never been happier. I’ve never been more in love with my life. I know I’ve always said it, and always been content, but it’s true. After a whirlwind, soap opera like start to my new life (that I’m sure everybody has one way or another) I’m now settled with an incredible boyfriend, the most amazing friends who I’m sharing a house with next year and an absolutely fantastic social life. Things have never been better. It hasn’t all been perfect, it never is. I’ve missed home and my girls more than I ever thought I would and my Christmas was a bit of a nightmare with a family tragedy. All that complete with not seeing my Isle of Man man for 3 weeks did get on top of me. So it’s been a bit stressful, but all on the up now  I guess it’s growing up. For me, leaving home was never a chance to be who I wanted to be, because I’d already been doing that for so long. But I’ve seen so many people around me develop and grow into new, wonderful people and I’ve never been prouder and happier. I’ll try and blog more, I really will. But I needed you all to know I’m happy, I’m well and haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. How are all of you?


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