2010 Year of Culture: August

Alright kids!  Well it’s been a while I must admit.  I’m having the best summer of my life, doing many things I will forget and many things I will regret, but it’s incredible.  Excuse me if this is short, every second has been action packed and will be until I must formerly commit to education again.  (Yes, hello, got into Southampton Uni by the way!)  So here goes …

Week 31 I hit up the New Forest for a week (see previous post).  Week 32 was another week, another field.  In the form of Soul Survivor, a giant Xtian Festival in the heart of Somerset.  I had an amazing week working in a Cafe there, met some amazing people and had some crazy experiences!  Week 33 was a cheeky slumber party at my Mum’s Business’ corporate flat, with free jacuzzi, sauna and gym, of course darling.  Living the life of luxe.  1 of the most stressful turned into amazing Results Day ever was Week 34, and V Festival 2010.  Just amazing.  We saw Feeder, Paloma Faith, Newton Faulkner, Kings of Leon, Paolo Nutini, The Kooks, Faithless, Imogen Heap and The Prodigy.  Just amazing.

So I’m having the best Summer of my life.  And don’t intend to stop now.  I’m hoping my blogging will resume to normality with the return of routine, we got a while yet though folks!  Hope you’re loving every second of your life just as I am!  Stay tuned for more fun and frolics little ones.

Believe it or not this is one of the tamer shots.  Soul Survivor 2010 baby!

The carnage we made of The Flat …

… But hello Sauna!

Stay tuned for an actual V Fest post including crazy photos.  Love!


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