2010 Year Of Culture: July

So July!  Slightly more prompt on this one, thought I’d blog now cause I plan to be absent for a while.  As of tomorrow I’m pretty much camping solidly for 2 and a half weeks meaning a sincere lack of internet!

Week 27 was the second half of my week in grand old NYC.  And to be perfectly honest, there was enough culture there to last me the whole of next year too, so I think I can get away with that spanning two weeks ;)    Week 28 was so good.  Jet lag in toe, I popped up to London to see ‘Shrek: The Final Chapter’ at the Imax at Waterloo.  Incredible!  By far my favourite of all 4 films and the screen was just amazing.  I hadn’t been to the Imax for a while before that and I’d forgotten it’s sheer scale; flipping huge.  Definitely go if you get the chance!

Now Week 29 was action packed.  First, I headed up to London again to the Grace Kelly Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  So beautiful.  I came away wanting to be classy, sophisticated and actually turn into a lady.  All her clothes were just so elegant, hardly anything low cut, no legs on show, just so modest, so simple and so pure.  She said that when you have boring clothes as such (some were very plain and neutral), people pay more attention to you and who you are as a person.  It made me think.  While I can see the merit in her idea, I and many other people use fashion as a tool to express who we are as people, and not let our faces do that.  Maybe it’s her era.  Just got me thinking.  Either way, she was a beautiful lady.

The rest of the week was performing at Camberley Theatre for my final Street Vibes Dance Show (stay tuned for a blog on that one) and a trip to Manchester.  Whilst I quite possibly had 3 of the most intense, stressful and dramatic days of my life up North, I did really enjoy myself and manage to get quite a bit of culture in there!  The Lowry Art Gallery was probably my favourite, hand in hand with a Spencer Tunick Exhibition = Hello Nakedness!

Week 30 was yet another trip to London (It IS only 25 minutes away guys!), this time to Buckingham Palace!  I felt so regal.  I decided I wanted to go and see the State Rooms a few months ago, and slowly it turned into a whole family affair for my Dad’s birthday.  A lovely day out, and the Palace was just amazing!

So July has been a good one for culture!  I’m really enjoying my Summer and every day is bringing something new, amazing and exciting.  Stay tuned y’all :)

One of the 934 shots of NYC, me in front of Times Square.  One of the best holidays of my life :)


SO GOOD – you actually have to see this.

Grace Kelly – quite possibly the most beautiful woman to ever exist

Manchester!  And yet another appearance of the wonderful Rosie Hall :)

Buckingham Palace State Rooms – simply gorgeous.


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