2010 Year Of Culture: June

Well this one’s a bit late!  Apologies for the slack blogging as of late, I’ve been very busy actually living my life as opposed to hoarded with thousands of books and my laptop.  I’m living my life to the absolute full for the first time in a long time, and I’m flipping loving it.

So Week 23 was a trip to see ‘Sex and The City 2’ in prep for New York and the ‘Sex And The City’ location tour.  I love anything SATC and this film was no exception.  Sparkly, sexy and hilarious, just as usual.  Week 24 was a cheeky London shopping trip as a revision break.  Complete with bargains galore, naturally.

Week 25 could actually pass for culture, The Hogs Back Brewery near Farhnam.  My friend Rosie and I trekked it over there to stock up on Father’s Day goodies.  It’s incredible, I would really reccommend you go if you get the chance.  You walk up this cute staircase to the most amazing Brewery shop filled with local ales, wines, whiskies; so good!  The smell was just lovely.  You can have a tour, but Rosie and I just looked over the balcony at the giant Brewery machines (apologies for not knowing the technical term).  Amazing trip out.

And the next week?  New York of course!  Now, that totally passes for culture!  Exam hell is over.  My blog is the capital of cheese anyway, so in enhancement, I’m loving life.  So good!


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