The Land Down Under

Australia.  I have been blessed, fortunate, lucky, smiled upon to visit 4 beautiful times.  I wish I could remember it.  A trip when I was 8 months old, the memories have vanished completely but I still remember my 4 year old self in Aussie.  I remember learning the Macarena and being hit in the face by a snorkel.  I remember seeing my Mum fly off on a flying boat thinking I’d never see her again and getting an elevator down to my Uncle’s private beach.  My next trip I was 7 years old, for the turn of the new Millennium.  I remember jumping in the pool at midnight with all my clothes on and having to go to hospital after being bitten my a poisonous spider and having the venom sucked out of me.  Then I was 10.  I remember more, much more about this trip.  I remember tasting olives and loving them, I remember swimming through a waterfall playing hide and seek in the outback.  Every memory I have is faded, has a sort of haze, a cloth over it obscuring it from view.  I want to go again, I want to create new and fresh and crazy memories, this time that will last me forever.

My Mother has 3 brothers in Australia, meaning I have 3 Uncles, 3 Aunties and 9 cousins plus various friends and further distant relatives.  With the world at my feet and Sydney literally being the size of Guildford, I decided I wouldn’t visit Aus again until I could do it properly.  By properly I mean flying to Perth before driving across the outback stopping at Uluru and Alice Springs, just because I can.  However, this was greeted by many ‘Oh my gosh, haven’t you seen Wolf Creek?’s.  I can’t hire a car out there until I’m 25 anyway, and this would be a ridiculously long trip.  So my view has somewhat changed of the situation.  I now want to fly to Darwin, before getting the train down the East Coast, stopping at Cairnes, The Great Barrier Reef (which totally won’t be there in 10 years time) and the Gold Coast as I please.  I can surf at Bondi Beach and flit about in a bikini at Manley Bay, all because I can, all because I want to.  And now I’ve discovered Australia doesn’t have the ridiculous drinking laws that plague the Americans (other than the fact alcohol isn’t sold in supermarkets, only in ‘Grog’ shops – WEIRD), it has enhanced my desire for Australia even further.

Speaking to my Mum’s Aussie boss’s daughters who are currently in the UK made all this even more prevalent.  They spoke of a Summer Festival of theirs held named ‘Schoolies’ after everyone has finished their exams around November, December time – where everyone just parties on a beach for a week!  Sounds like heaven.  And with Uni or a Gap Year coming up I will have longer holidays and so much more freedom to do as I wish!  Just got to do the saving part first… But hey!  The world really is our oyster, and I’m going to make the most of it!

Canoeing with family at Tangalooma Island, off Sydney, 1999

A beautiful Brisbane waterfall, 2002

My Dad and I, Sydney Harbour Bridge, 2002

Divine Sunset, Brisbane 2002


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