Meet Me Halfway

(I wrote this last night when wordpress was down.  Hence the NOW uploadage.)  So that’s it.  I’m officially halfway!  3 down, 3 to go.  Such an incredible feeling.  Between flitting in and out of college for revision sessions I’ve had a Tesco clothes shopping spree, seen my girls, hung out at the pub and had boozy bbqs galore.  It’s going good.  With an entire subject completed and out the way I revise nonstop, just less of the subjects.  Silly Annabel just thought the revision would let up, apparently not. It’s okay though, the subjects are relatively enjoyable and my ridiculous rainbow of revision notes keeps me going throughout the day.

I’ve also come to rely upon cottage cheese on crackers (thanks Rosie) and copius amounts of salami, combined with standard coffee, jelly beans and poppadoms.  Yes, so whilst my revision diet has been growing profusely, so has my stomach.  Refer to previous post ‘Empowered’ but I’m definitely going to try and eat healthier.  Today I went on a run, an actual run.  It was beyond excruciating but now I feel lovely!    So hope you’ve enjoyed my miniature blog about what I’ve been up to, I’m off to blow my burnt calories on the World Cup and beer.  Laters!


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