Human Equivalent of Carlsberg

The other day I rang my bestie Rosie in an absolute tiz.  ‘I can’t do this!’, ‘I’m scared!’, ‘I’m so burnt out’, ‘I can’t do this!’ I wailed down the phone to her like an absolute dumbo.  Now screw the Carlsberg pep talk, the Rosie Hall pep talk is the way forward.  Whilst I sat huddled in my pjs surrounded by my standard sea of revision notes, Rosie brought me to calm, totally restoring my aura.  I’ve come to realise that I’m quite a spiritual person, I strive to have peace within my mind, body and soul, and naturally, A Level hell has blown that out the water.  So as I sat with my coffee and jelly beans not really knowing what to do, the Rosie Hall words were all that was really needed.

She made me realise that I’ve worked so hard.  I don’t think I give myself enough credit.  I’ve been revising flat out since February time, my only break being my birthday celebrations.  She said how I’m technically on holiday, how I should chill out and read a magazine, just cause I want to, just cause I can.  She said I should exercise more, release those endorphins, and start to feel good about myself and my body some more.  She said I should treat myself, today I used my most expensive perfume and body butter, why would I save it?  I feel like I’ve got my mojo back a bit.  I’ve forgotten who I am and my happiness in being so stressed.  Yes I will still work hard of course, but Rose made me come to my senses in the fact that I might have been overdoing it.  And also, how each of these A2 modules is in fact worth only about 30% of my overall mark, I didn’t even realise I’ve got most of the hard work behind me!

So I feel much better.  And tomorrow, as I head to the exam hall for my first of the scary A Levels I will hold my head high and ‘Recall, Compose and Respond’ to each question, in the immortal words of my amazing Uncle.  I’ve done all I can do.  I’ve revised all I can revise.  All I can do now is be confident, do my very best and have the knowledge that I worked my hardest.  So I’m not doing it for Bobby, I’m doing it for myself, my incredible family and my awesome friends.  I can do this, and I will do this.  Bottoms up.

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