Empire State Of Mind

3 weeks today I will be in New York.  After 2 years of thinking, talking, finally getting round to booking and now preparing for it, I can’t quite believe it’s nearly here.  My last, and only trip to New York (so far) was 3 years ago, in the Easter of 2007.  I had an incredible time.  I went on a Drama Trip, surrounded my the best friends in the world being a lunatic tourist and loving every second of it.  This time, I feel will be somewhat different.

Don’t get me wrong, I had an awesome time but looking back it was truly ridiculous.  We stayed in an awful hotel where the plugs sparked every time you connected something, ran around like headless chickens on a super tight schedule never really being able to absorb anything and didn’t do half the things I wanted.  I know, what did I expect for a trip of thirty 15 year olds?  Hardly Upper East Side Gossip Girl style, but nevertheless the trip wasn’t me, that experience in New York City wasn’t me.

I think that’s what I’m looking to get out of this trip.  From what I know, have experienced, and have gathered from misleading TV shows, New York is everything I am.  It’s cosmopolitan, cultural, fun, insomniac and beautiful (perhaps skimping on the last two, for me at least).  I’m so excited.  Instead of running about Times Square in my pjamas (yes, that actually happened), I will be seeing and experiencing the New York I know is out there.  I’ll go for a church service at Trinity Church, head to the Natural History Museum, check out a book at the Public Library, have a coffee in Central Perk and dance on 42nd Street, just because I can.

Being there for Independence Day will also be spectacular I feel.  Whilst I can think and dream about it to my heart’s content, I’m desperately attempting not to.  For these next 3 weeks, exams are absolute priority over everything and I can’t waste them  imagining what’s going to be happening anyway, bigger, better and a hundred times more overwhelming than I could ever possibly fathom.

I have an ache for America.  I know it’s the place that somehow, someday, I will most probably end up.  So I don’t know all 50 states and I still haven’t grasped how to order the perfect ‘cup of coiffee’ but I have a passion, a crave for city lights that only New York can fulfill.   Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do, when you’re in New York.  We’ll see.

Gorgeous Sunset from the top of the Empire State Building

Just chilling out in Central Park

Statue of Liberty

Best Breakfast Award

NYPD, just doing their job ;)


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