2010 Year of Culture: May

Well May’s been a long one hasn’t it folks?!  Good grief – reading April’s post was bonkers, never has my life gone so slowly as now in the midst of exam times, I can’t work out if April seems like yesterday or 3 years ago.  Either way, May has come and (nearly) gone along with a 5 further cultural activities.  Okay, well May’s been pretty ambiguous for culture, not going to lie.  I challenge anybody to try this A Level business and make time to see the world.  I feel like I’ve reinvented my own terms of culture, as you will see…

Week 18 was ‘An Education’ Week.  I enjoyed it, I learnt a lot, that’s all that matters.  Week 19 was full of studying as per always so had a cheeky trip out to a French Restaurant where I downed Claret and gobbled mussels.  So yeah, perhaps we all have different interpretations of culture, but mine sure includes exquisite French fine dining.  Week 20 I blogged a photo of, a James Bond style party in celebration for a friend’s 18th.  And I’m not sorry, parties ARE cultural – well the ones I’m at are anyway ;)

Now Week 21, more partying!  With the official end of college came an official bonkers evening out in Guildford.  And no, Wetherspoons and Dusk might not be deemed as ‘An integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning’, but it sure was amusing!  I prefer the ‘Arts and Entertainment’ definition.  Week  22 was so special though!  My Mum and I headed to the O2 to see Rod Stewart!  It was incredible, and I’m not ashamed of it.  So perhaps I was the youngest person there and didn’t know any words, but there’s no denying the electric atmosphere and partying capabilities of every human there!  An incredible evening.

So there we have it, May.  Expect less crazy experiences in store for June, I do have life changing exams to worry about ;)

End of College Antics!

Myself at the O2!

Just chilling out in the college car park ;)


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