On my monthly check up, I was surprised to find that my most tweeted word is ‘Love’.  Tweets such as ‘Love Junior Apprentice’, ‘What heights of love, what depths of peace’ and ‘Love a bit of Student Night’ have prevailed over my twitter profile for a good few months now.  It made me think, am I too laid back in my mentions of love, or am I just far too positive about everything for my own good?

Maybe this is a bit too deep and meaningful, perhaps I’m overcomplicating it but I really was shocked!  I feel I might be using the term too loosely, such a powerful emotion being thrown to the dirt by me loving nearly everything.  Maybe I should divert to the Facebook ‘Like’ button, but then I think it wouldn’t have nearly the same effect.  ‘Like Junior Apprentice’, alright, cool, so do most people.  ‘What heights of like…’ God doesn’t just like us!  and ‘Like a bit of Student Night’ must be one of the greatest understatements I have ever written!

So after a little thought splurge on my blog as I know and ‘love’ it, I think I’ll continue as I mean to go on.  Perhaps in my articles love doesn’t exist as the patient, kind, not envying emotion but it exists as my emotion, which is positive and stupidly happy about most things.  Love this.


One thought on “Love

  1. 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman – essential reading kiddo – pick it up in Wes Owen (or whatever it’s called!) in Wokes – awesome book kid!

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