What’s Happening

Basically, massive apologies for not blogging.  It hasn’t become a chore as such but I just don’t have a lot to say at the moment.  So I thought I’d let you lovely people know what’s going on with me and my life.

I have one week left of college which is an absolutely lovely feeling.  I don’t think I’ve been less emotionally attached to anywhere in my life.  I sobbed my heart out leaving secondary school but college?  I’m literally feeling nothing.  Granted, I’ve met some incredible people and had some amazing experiences but as for the place itself?  Not so much.  I think I’ll miss Godalming as a town more than I’ll miss Godalming as a college.  The beautiful cafes and countryside, the crazy summer walks, the car park times I’ll say a heartfelt goodbye to, but with not knowing 80% of the people and not experiencing 98% of the subjects – should I care?  Maybe I’m being cold about it, but I really won’t miss getting up at half six and having to climb a mountain up to it each day.

Coinciding with one week of college left, looms the inevitability of A Levels.  The most difficult, scary and stressful time of my life, without a doubt.  Never before has my life gone so slowly, so repetitive – get up, go to college, come home, revise and repeat.  Everyone says it’s only for a few months, and it totally is, but it doesn’t stop the motivation and concentration threatening to lack.  Coffee, jelly beans and silence keep me going, hand in hand with the very occasional night out.

I’ve been out a few times the past few weeks, I think you have to to stay sane.  With clashing timetables and people locked in thelibrary it can be difficult to see friends day in day out, so nights out every now and then aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity.  Tuesday took me to a bar in Woking for a friend’s 18th.  Great fun to let my hair down and have a boogie as I will tonight chilling out at a friend’s and Sunday for a BBQ.  Next Friday will be entertaining.  One of my friend’s is having a huge end of college BBQ, my absolute penultimate chance to have fun before Study Leave officially commences.  The last is Rod Stewart at the O2 a week tomorrow, I can’t flipping wait!

So there you go.  Nothing much cultural or exciting going on, just standard life as I love and live it.  Bring on summer please :)


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