Freedom Tattoo

I flipping love tattoos.  I always have, I certainly hope I always will.  I think that the right body art in the right body place can be personal, look classy and make you just that little bit more interesting.  My planned tat will hopefully take place Freshers Week of Uni, as soon as I’m out and off from the watchful eyes of my parents (sorry, Mum).  Despite the whole unconditional love thing they have said that getting a tat whilst living under their roof will result in me promptly being kicked out from under that roof.  An empty threat perhaps but either way, I’d rather not fly the nest under a black cloud.

I’m planning to get the word ‘freedom’ in lower case italics down my left side decorated in ivy.  ‘Ooh that’s gonna cain!’, ‘That’ll be mas

Ivy Tattoo

sive for your first!’ and ‘On your ribs – you’re brave!’ have been the standard comments I’ve received having told various people about my plans.  I personally think it will be fine.  I have a high pain threshold and if I hate it – nobody ever has to see it!  My entire left side isn’t really the first thing I expose as I head out the door, thus, when I’m 80, old and wrinkly having popped out a couple of babes along the way, nobody will ever have to see it!  On the other hand if I love it, crop tops and bikinis here I come!  Good plan, if I do say so myself.

The word ‘freedom’ means alot to me.  I don’t think people realise how fortunate, how lucky, how blessed we are to live in a country that has freedom of speech, of expression, of religion, of rights.  I’ve seen first hand persecution around the world and it breaks my heart.  My tattoo will be a constant reminder to myself not to complain, not to take anything for granted and to live and love my care-free world and life.  So there you go.  Let’s get inked baby!

3 thoughts on “Inked

  1. darling – though I agree with Mummy about tattoos – a mon avi it’s more orginal and classy not to be tattooed these days and you do have lovely skin, if you’re going ahead at least the word ‘freedom’ and your description of why is very powerful.

  2. Mother – Ink on my skin doesn’t change who I am. I will still sound the same, laugh the same, talk the same. I will still be the same. Ink on my skin that you never have to see will not change the fact that I am your daughter and you love me. Capishe?
    Pep – Thank you, I will most probably be going ahead and the fact that it actually means something has got to be a good thing, so yes. Cheers.

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