‘An Education’ Week

The whole ‘Culture’ thing is definitely becoming more difficult, but I guess that’s what makes it so fun and challenging.  Some people may see this week as a bit of a cop-out, but you try doing A2s and finding the time to visit museums and the like!  One of the ‘Culture’ sections on The Times is titled ‘Arts and Ents’ – ‘An Education’ week was definitely arty, and entertaining.

First came my fashion.  Dressing 1960s without looking hippie or swinger like was most difficult!  I hope I managed it in big baggy man trousers, high waisted of course, then with capri pants and a vintage shrug.  Check out the pictures below.

Next came replacing my Capital Radio and Kiss 100 with Classic FM.  So relaxing!  My rushed drive to college blaring out Kesha, bobbing along with the windows rolled down was replaced with flowy, relaxing opera and classical; I flipping loved it!

I also took time to notice and appreciate the art around college.  Well, arguably art.  More like colour splattered canvas’ with obscure quotes.  Either way, I did chill out with my coffee to look at them for a minute or two, instead of rushing past like a headless chicken.  Definitely held up the coridoor, but hopefully I acted as an inspiration; looking very Jenny Mellor and interllectual. 

‘An Education’ week has been lovely.  I didn’t get to do as much as I would have hoped but I guess that’s just life.  And I’ll have plenty of time in the Summer to embrace my inner Jenny Mellor.  I felt much more relaxed the whole time, enjoying life just a bit more than I had before.  Embrace YOUR Jenny Mellor.  Fall in love with life again.


Jenny Mellor Look 1 – Apologies for the poser-ish stance.  It was very early Monday morning and I had just rolled out of bed.  I got quite a few smirks during the day; ‘Ohoh Nice Trousers!’ from a few people.  Do I mind?  Absolutely not.  I’m embracing new fashion and new ideas.  Unlike standard leggings and uggs.

Jenny Mellor Look 2 – I chose an awfully warm day to wear a vintage, black, sparkly shrug.  I felt more Christmassy than Summery.  Lesson learnt.  Pastels, florals and brogues combined to half make the 60s look.  I tried!


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