The Dream Summer

Everywhere you look, people seem to be having ‘The Dream Summer’, all year round.  You simply have to turn on your TV screens to be bombarded with American and British TV shows alike, each portraying bikini clad women, crazy festivals, lying in meadows, drinking to dizziness; each to their owns version of the dream summer.

What’s your dream summer?  Have you had a dream summer?  Or is it just hype?  It’s at this time of year the statuses begin to change.  ‘Bring on Summer 2010 Baby!’, ‘Malia 10!’ or ‘Road Trip 10’.  All sound amazing.  But are they?  People have such high expectations of summer, falling in love, running around in fields of gold, skinny dipping, being crazy – I wonder, does it all happen in just one dream summer? 

I’ve never had THE Dream Summer.  But I’ve had many extraordinary summer experiences.  Road tripping across Canada, surf school in Barbados, backpacking around Thailand, lots and lots of camping, not to mention my first all girls holiday to Zante.  All of these have been such amazing experiences, but within the whole period of ‘Summer’, things have gone wrong, they always do, thus destroying THE Dream Summer.

I’m still waiting for my dream summer, hey, perhaps I’ll be able to blog in a few months time and say I’ve safely had THE Dream Summer.  Who knows?  My 4 months away from education have a trip to New York on Independence Day, stupid amounts of camping, V Festival and a girly road trip lined up.  Plus a whole load of day trips and weekends away – I’m sure it’ll be pretty incredible.

Everyone has a different version, a different mindset of what their dream summer would be like, has been like.  I’ll let you know if I ever reach mine ;)


Summer 2009 – Besties at a Wedding

Zante 2009 Fishbowls Baby!

Thailand Beer!

Thailand Orphanage – 2008

Godalming Fields – Summer 2009


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