2010 Year of Culture: April

I’m doing well.  I’m doing so well.  A third of the way through my cultural year I am rocking and rolling all the way through to telling Jeremy Hunt (shadow Culture Secretary) all about it.

Week 14 was a stunning trip to the Lake District, chilling out in a log cabin for a week – hand in hand with lots of family seeing and partying.  It was there I turned 18, waking up to a champagne breakfast and pubbing all day.  Dinner was a six course meal in ‘The Pheasant’, as appeared in Gordon Ramsay’s ‘The F Word’, so I’m told.  It was lovely I have to admit – but with hampster portion sizes I’m not sure I can deal with avacado mousse, caviar and scallops day in day out.  Week 15 is pretty special, only went to see ‘Il Turco in Italia’ at the Royal Opera House, London – yes I said Opera!  Good grief it was extraordinary.  I thought I might be bored out of my mind but with comedy, a gorgeous cast and tuxedos everywhere you look I was in awe.  An amazing experience.

Week 16, just check out ‘It Girl’ post.  Now Week 17 was pretty hectic, a ‘Question Time’ event at college with local South West Surrey MPs as organised by my Citizenship Class.  It took a few months of planning what with meetings with the Principal, emailing MPs, phone interviews, organising the local paper.  The actual day was a whirlwind.  Meeting the men, who turned out to be surprisingly lovely was scary enough, not to mention lunch!  However, all turned out well; Richard Mollet, Mike Simpson and Jeremy Hunt were divine and with 500 people turning up – I can safely say it was quite a sucessful day.

So April is good!  Year of Culture is going good!  Bring on May ;)


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