An Education

I’d had a pretty standard weekend, until 3 hours ago.  Feeling ill and all revisioned out after my usual Saturday and Sunday of sleeping and studying, I lay down to watch ‘An Education’.  I confess I didn’t know anything about the film.  Forever I am changed.

An Education

The story follows Jenny Mellor, a girl with out of the box interests, lover of things people don’t understand and her attempt to get to Oxford University.  A happy ending in the end with the middle section full of my It Girl fantasies with a married, wealthy, very unattractive older man.  So what have I learnt?

I’ve always been the Jenny Mellor.  Some of her lines were quoted from me I tell you.  Lover of all things French, good wine, good food, culture, classical music, latin, literature – this girl is me to a tee!  I think I’d forgotten the Jenny Mellor inside of me.  Life can be so fast paced, throwing drama and intensities at you each day that you forget your true self.  You can become so absorbed by the image of the finish line, that you forget you’re even running the race.

This week is Jenny Mellor week.  My act of culture will be ‘An Education’ week, all things fashion, music, literature and art.  Getting back in touch with my true self, back in touch with who I’m supposed to be.  Let us begin.


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