I’d say my interest, my fascination, my love of Politics began with the hit US TV show ‘The West Wing’.  Those who know me will know I cannot go a day without my Josh Lyman (Deputy Chief of Staff to the President) fix and talking something of Congress and Bills.  When I began my Additional Study AS Citizenship course, UK Politics wasn’t nearly as exciting.  But throughout time, it’s grown on me.  I now love it, watching ‘The Politics Show’ on BBC and tuning in for nightly Election Broadcasts, all in the run up to the General Election 2010.

Political Leaders

Despite being this interested, there are only a select few (my family and the Principal) who know who I’m voting for.  Why?  People judge you.  I won’t go into who, how and why but I know I’m guilty of it – when someone says they’re voting for X, I immediately feel different about them.  Despite having been reassured by even my closest friends they won’t judge me, this is the one thing I won’t say.  After an experience I had in a Carlisle bar a few weeks back where I announced my extreme dislike for a certain politician and nearly got beaten up, I’ve learnt my lesson to refrain from strong opinions – at least in alcohol fuelled public.

People may think I’m hypocritical.  I’m so inwardly interested in Politics, yet won’t discuss it, as I can’t without revealing the Party I’m supporting.  Perhaps this will change after the Election, but for now, I generally keep schtum.  I do think it’s important people vote if they can.  British people complain and complain, and oh yes, complain, when we have the power to change our lives, change our Government, change our country for the future and for the better.  Hundreds of beautiful powerful women died to gain the vote in the 1800s so us girls today can talk about boys and make-up?  I don’t think so.

Embrace Politics.  It takes 5 minutes to watch an Election Broadcast where you’ll find out about policies, manifestos, topics you care about; whether it be Education, the Environment, the NHS – you name it, every Party has a stance upon it.  5 minutes to google a party and check them out online.  And if you’re still unsure, 5 minutes to fill out  http://www.votematch.org.uk/ which will tell you who you could vote for.  Politics thrills me, excites me; the fast paced world of ever changing opinions and the power to change our country for the better.  New Prime Minister in the making …?!


4 thoughts on “Politics

  1. It’s fantastic to see someone else sharing the view that make-up and boys do not make a person an automatic ‘modern feminist’. Emily Davison, and the Pankhursts showed true guts and gall in standing up for their rights, and not enough respect is shown for them.

    Taking a real interest in ‘little P’ politics does not mean you have to wear your ‘Big P’ Politics affiliations on your sleeve. It could be argued that you’ve taken a more reasoned look into the implications of your support, which shows real knowledge.

    Great Post!

  2. Have to say this, my dear so I apologise in advance! Now I know people insist on people voting (throughout history people have fought & died to give us this ability), but here’s my problem – I really dislike politicians! I’ve met a few in my time, but they promise big & then often fail to deliver on those promises. Looking at the big 3…I wouldn’t vote for any of them! What does that leave? A Green party, some Independents, & some neo-nazi-xenophobic idiots!

    In a slightly cynical way, I can deconstruct how I’ve been influenced; so meeting DC & being thoroughly unimpressed & uninspired. Also the great Yes Minister/Prime Minister & more recently The Wire which, although a skewed view of politics, seems to be remarkably close to accurately portraying politics & politicians.

    I think that a quote from an infamous 80’s comedian summarises my position: “I think the puppet on the left shares my beliefs…but I think the puppet on the right holds my views…wait there’s just one guy pulling the strings!” or in my own words a highly polished turd…is still a turd underneath it all!

  3. Oh flipping love it Si. Fair play, be sure to vote, AND LIKE me one day ha ha! You have appoximately 30 years to prepare yourself …

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