The Diary of an It Girl

The Diary of an It Girl, okay, The Night of an It Girl … The Night of a Future It Girl.  Alright, The Night of a Wanabee It Girl – and what a night it was.

I’ve always wanted to be an It Girl, think a modern Tara Palmer Tomkinson – famous for what?  Going to exquisite parties and meeting divine men, that’s what.  Okay, so potentially very shallow and empty but very fun.  And I had my first taste of being an It Girl on Friday night hand in hand with champagne and caviar, oh yes.

For the last night of combined Mother Daughter birthday celebrations a night out in London was deemed necessary with all my Mother’s girly friends.  After an afternoon shopping down New Bond Street we ended up at the Ritz sipping Long Cocktails with queen olives.  I’ve been to the Ritz before, but as a child, Friday I went to the Ritz as a lady.  Winking doormen, plush seats, beautiful piano music and £17 cocktails, of course darling.  The powder room was amazing, head held high I flounced down the carpeted stairs to apply some makeup feeling on top of the world.

After some drinks we headed next door to the grand old car showroom restaurant, The Wolseley.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.  Marble floors, high ceilings, chandeliers, doormen and the most electric atmosphere creatable.  With a whisper from my Mother’s friend we were whisked to the only 6 seater table in the house and given free champagne to celebrate our birthdays.  A stunning King Prawn starter and Quails Egg main course later I was to be given one of the most iconic presents of my life; an Alexander McQueen scarf.  I shreiked – who wouldn’t?!  How many 18 year old girls own McQueen?  Not just McQueen, the most gorgeous blue, silk, skull and crossbone McQueen scarf you’ve ever laid eyes on!  I was so excited, when the Cloakroom staff offered to take away my shopping for me I wouldn’t part with the silver box bag for the world; ‘Oh it’s McQueen darling, I’d prefer if it stayed with me.’

So after an extraordinary meal, next came an on the house platter of Birthday cupcakes – beautiful.  We finished our wine and meal, gathered our belongings waited in the grand entrance for our coats.  There we saw Kristin Scott Thomas, Fiona from ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ and ‘Brideshead Revisited’s Anthony Andrews – one does love a good Celebrity Spot.  Our evening concluded with us bundling into a taxi giggling and chatting all the way to Waterloo.

Is this how it starts?  Am I the beginnings of an It Girl?  I’d like to think so but I doubt.  If anything, such an amazing evening has given me the confidence, the shove, the motivation, the inspiration to get through my exams.  I don’t want to do well academically to get a good job and be wealthy, it’s not about that.  I’m a humanitarist charity worker who wears floaty clothes – there’s no way I could bar and club every evening!  But every now and then – wouldn’t it be lovely to dress up and head to a Michelin Star Restaurant, just cause you could?  Brush your teeth in champagne – just because you wanted to?  I think yes.  And so with Birthday celebrations over, not drinking for 72 days and with the most difficult exams of my life ahead of me = World Watch out; Annabel McKnespiey is coming through.


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