Spring Clean

A few months ago, I had somewhat of a ‘Spring Clean’ of my Twitter and Facebook, deleting those who I wouldn’t consider ‘Friends’ or who I’d ceased to enjoy following.  In total, I deleted about 50 people – it came to my attention recently, however, that I have slowly gained another 50 friends since my Spring Clean.  How?  Do people just want to feel loved?  Is it some kind of trophy to have ‘Friended’ all these people you’ll never even talk to?

I came to the conclusion that if I defriended everybody I’d never talked to online I would have about 20 Facebook friends and about 8 Twitter followers, so why are we so obsessed with having virtual friends in cyberspace?  So we can flaunt what we’re up to with status’, show off our new outfit in a profile picture?  It’s true, but dreadfully sad when you think about it.  I for one will be the first to admit when someone pulls out their camera at a party I immediately think ‘Facebook’.  How awful that our society and our culture revolves around this technology, impressing people we don’t know.

So what can we do to combat this?  I hesitate to call it a problem, because people love it.  People update Twitter on the go, and everyone loves a good Facebook stalk on an ex-boyfriend or that popular girl.  People love it; people jump in front of cameras to get tagged in photos, do something interesting just so they can update their blog and spend more hours on it than can possibly be deemed healthy.  I for one have had enough of technology controlling my life, I think another ‘Spring Clean’ is in order and a reduction in computer time.  Over and out.


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