2010 Year of Culture: March

First of all – sincerest apologies for not blogging sooner, not having Internet is a real drag – and I didn’t fancy typing all this on my phone…

So I’m officially a quarter of the way through my Year of Culture, and I’m pleased to announce it is going very well.  Some people may see Week 9 as a bit of a cop-out, I see it as a chance to express myself and illustrate to my followers my style; Annabel’s Fashion Week 1.  It was hard work, having to think about what I threw on each morning and finding a photographer (Thanks Mum) but it was very satisfying, and I got a large amount of ‘views’ for it, so thank you.

Arguably one of the best weekends of my life, headed to Manchester for Week 10 for a friend’s birthday.  Cue numerous tweets regarding midnight trolley racing, drunken chess games and epic murder mystery solving.  Headed to the city centre and shopped after all the escapades – cultural indeed.

Week 11 was a trip to the London Palladium to see Sister Act the Musical.  Just incredible with the combined colours, music and choreography, plus a 70 year old lady rapping The Sugar Hill Gang!  Epic.  And the Trinity College, Oxford University trip of course – read the blog for that one!

Week 12, or the 3rd week of March was a busy one; after all I am an A Level student.  I had a quick break from my revision and headed to the Lightbox Art Gallery in Woking.  It’s not huge and I must have only spent an hour there but seeing new art and new sculptures really cleared my head, and oh so cultural.

The 13th week took a party of 8, or strictly speaking 20,000 Carlisle fans to see Carlisle United v Southampton Saints in the Johnsons Paint Trophy Cup Final at the new Wembley Arena.  The atmosphere was electric, strolling out into the stadium, pint in hand, seeing the colours, the flags, the dancing, hearing the shouts, the chants; amazing.

So March has been an amazing month for culture and for me!   I’ve had more fun that I could have imagined, met lots of new people and had many incredible experiences.  Roll on the next one ;)


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