My 18th Year

Admittedly ‘stolen’ from (although he insisted he didn’t mind), I thought I would summarise my 18th year – seeing as I officially become an adult  in 1 week from now :)

  • In April 2009 went on a life-changing trip to Kenya where I taught dance in a school for a week
  • Got a beautiful car, my baby Pedro
  • Sucessfully passed a Theory and Driving Test
  • Danced with ‘Diversity’
  • Through May and June 2009 had my AS Levels, and Passed
  • In July 2009 spent an incredible week camping in the New Forest
  • Spent a wonderful week in August 2009 in Zante with 3 of my best girlfriends
  • Had 5 lovely mini breaks to Nottingham, Manchester, Tonbridge Wells, Oxford and Canterbury to see friends and family 
  • Danced at the 02 Arena
  • Got 5 University Offers
  • Spent a week in Jersey, October 2009
  • Went into 2010 an hour before the British in Bruges, Belgium
  • Sucessfully began (and have so far maintained 2010: Year of Culture)
  • Had 2 consecutive 5 day weekends due to the gorgeous snowfall in January 2010
  • Had a Murder Mystery party
  • Spent an amazing week in Glasgow, February 2010
  • Completed a sucessful ‘Annabel’s Fashion Week’
  • Had 2 of the best days of my life at a Politics Conference; Trinity College, Oxford University
  • Went to Wembley Stadium to see Carlisle United play Southampton Saints
  • Spent an idyllic week in the Lake District

So has been an amazing, incredible, eventful year – all these activites combined with college, exams and the general stresses of day to day life.  Bring on the 19th!


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