My first experience of the iconic 1960 ‘horror’ movie was on Tuesday, midday in a packed Library.  Being a wimp, I was terrified.  Thinking that being surrounded by people in the afternoon sunshine would make me fine, I was horribly wrong.  The first 40 minutes were fine, until the shower scene.  I’ve never been so frightened.  I couldn’t listen to the music, I couldn’t look, and when I did, I saw a beautiful woman being hacked to death through the shower curtain.  I’ve opted for our clear shower screen ever since.

Despite really enjoying the film, I did find it terryfying.  Being an A2 English Literature student studying Gothic Literature, our ongoing task is to read, and watch films around the Gothic Genre.  Thinking Hitchcock being 50 years old would be the most tame, ‘Psycho’ seemed the logical option.  I had no idea I would have to sleep with my light on and wake up in cold sweats for the next 3 nights.

I was even more shocked to discover that my viewing of ‘Psycho’ coincides with it’s 50 year anniversary, and so it’s re-release at Cinemas this Friday.  Along with numerous articles about the naked shower woman not actually being Janet Leigh, but Playbunny Marli Renfro and the argument of being the first horror film of all time, I felt very moved.  Looking back, yes, the film was scary, but more so powerful.  A very powerful film.  I certainly didn’t expect the ending and I loved giving the time to watch and enjoy a vintage black and white picture.  A must see.


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