Relationships That Make A Life

Taken from The Times Magazine, Radar page:

 Pedro – Please don’t think this is any sort of order.  My car, my baby, my Pedro.  I got him 11 months ago now and I love him to pieces.  I decided his black exterior but tempremental ways made him a stroppy gay Italian, but we get on very well.  Breaking down in the snow and making farting sounds every time I change gear add to his camp ways.  Sounds weird perhaps, but I can talk to Pedro, sing to him and just rock out.  Love.

My Girls – We can drink epic amounts of wine, we can shriek at each other, we can discuss politics and classical music, we can dance til we die, we can shop til we drop; I can literally do anything with my girls.  They know me inside out and will always be there.

My Lads – This is different sort of relationships.  Some friends fall into both Girl and Lad category (Ahem … Zante) involving pure banter at all times.  Mostly the beautiful friends I have at college, us Lads can bundle into a Micra 7 at a time and take the Michael out of each other til we can’t breathe for laughing.  My lunchtimes would be so dull without them.

My Parents – Both falling into Girl and Lad categories really but my Parents mean the world to me.  I can tell them anything.  I am so blessed to be so close to them and have such fun with them, our house is a mad one!

My life, really.  The Relationships That Make My Life.





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