I don’t understand Skins.  I really don’t.  Airing on E4 since 2007, it has undoubtedly influenced many lives and arguably changed the face of Teen Britain.  But why?  In the mediocre Bristol portrayal of young adult life, the script is awful, it is very tedious and nothing really happens.  It is interesting to see how Skins reflects the lives of 6th Formers of the time.  After conversations with a few older friends, they said how Series 1 and Series 2 echoed their party lives whilst Series 3 and Series 4, has in some ways, reflected mine.


I’ve travelled through Lower and Upper 6th, coinciding with Series 3 and Series 4 with the likes of Effy, Freddie and Cook.  Whilst not quite being as hardcore as the MDMA taking, suicide witnessing and sleeping with the world, I have witnessed it throughout my time at College.  But why are we so fascinated it?  Maybe it’s a glimpse into how the other half lives.  The imaginary half.

Are their real Effys out there?  Do true Cooks really exist?  If they do, I’m sure they can’t be how they are portrayed on our late Thursday night TV screens.  With so much angst being involved in both Skins the programme, and Skins the lifestyle, how can these people be happy?  Maybe that’s me being judgemental and from Surrey but I just don’t see how that life could be fulfilling.

So why do we watch it?  Perhaps we are enthralled with imaginary hardcore, perhaps the stunning cast and eclectic fashion sense leave us wanting to be the Naomis and Kates of the world, but fundamentally Skins glamorises a life that ultimately leaves you wrecked, with bad skin, and a killer hangover.  So will we continue to watch it?  You bet your arse we will.

4 thoughts on “Skins

  1. I have to say I agree – the first 2 series (arguably just the first in fact) were good, but the new season has lacked the accessibility of the first. I think that the character Sid had an everyman quality which was very relatable.

    Also there was a lot more humour. The recent series have both been heavy on the drama with sometimes-funny (JJ/Panda) characters but there was something that just didn’t gel for me. Even the cameo’s were a little lame this time around – not a long list of comedians: Harry Enfield, Bill Bailey, etc. as parents, just Will Young, Bez from Happy Mondays – such failure is epic?!

    E4 have renewed Skins for another 2 seasons & they’re going to clear out all the cast & start again, again – we shall see – they need to revitalise, not alienate the audience.

  2. Agreed with simon : ) i hate effy she is stupid i hate her almost as much as i hate peaches geldof, almost.

    Not as well said as simon but necessary to be aired!


    Love you xxxxx

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