Oxford: After

So I literally had 2 of the best days of my life.  I needn’t have worried.  With iconic speakers such as Rt Hon David Davis MP and Dr Tim Brain OBE, sparking spirited discussions in posh ‘Sydicates’ about Free Liberty and Safety and Security, my fears were in vain.  At times, with Latin phrases, quotes from 18th century Politicians and political jargon I’d never heard of flying around, I did feel inadequate.  But not in a bad way.  I acted like a sponge, writing an obscene amount of notes and absorbing every bit of information I possibly could.  I feel more intelligent, very refreshed, albeit a little bit pompous.

The part about Eton boys was correct.  Not as a generalisation though, I was seated next to a charming young Etonian at the suave 4 course dinner in the grand dining room who was very lovely, but mainly, I was correct.  It’s hard to describe the personalities of people who have everything.  I felt like I’d entered a secret world for a couple of days, one where Daddy’s bank balance, the amount of Hollister and Abercrombie you’re wearing and your accent are your password in.  My Woking backround, mixed fashion style and normal accent combined, weren’t exactly key.  But I felt accepted.  Everybody (there will always be exceptions, but that’s another blog) was lovely.  People were so interesting, with conversations about travel, politics and classical music, I felt like I’d found my home.

The evening was unlike anything I expected.  Staying in the halls of residence, I had 4 other lovely boys on my floor, so a Sainsburys alcohol dash was deemed necessary.  A pumped atmosphere, 500 year old buildings, incredible food and an alarming amount of ethanol gave way to a very interesting evening.   70 students crammed into one room, dancing, chatting, drunkenly debating, a few very hardcore activites which I won’t go in to, made me feel part of an 18 rated Harry Potter movie.  Most bizarre, but I had a beautiful evening.

So an amazing couple of days was had.  I would recommend the McWhirter Foundation, Trinity College, Oxford University, Dicey Conference to all, regardless of your personality, backround, class or beliefs.  I felt accepted, I felt right.  It’s taught me not to be sterotypical, not to have prejudice misconceptions; only to enter every experience with utmost openness, dignity and willing to extend the hand of friendship.  I have 13 new friends on Facebook.  Enough said, 2 of the best days I’ve had in my life.


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