We Can’t Do It All

Maybe when I say ‘We’, I mean ‘I’.  I’ve always been gifted in the whole staying up late thing, especially at Camp, when I have nothing better to do with my brain than absorb the atmosphere and listen to crude jokes.  But staying up late, working?  I’d never tried it before, until Thursday.

Armed with Espressos, I locked myself away at about 5pm hand in hand with laptop, and a Burmese Military Government essay.  4 hours later, essay was completed, and I was whacked.  I promptly fell asleep and my aims of an all-nighter were dashed.

The aim of this mini-blog?  At least this week, I don’t have time for Culture.  SO I’m doing Annabel’s Fashion Week instead, which is web cultural, don’t you think?!  If New York, Paris, Milan and London, 4 beautiful cities I’ve been blessed enough to visit, can have them – why can’t I?!  Stay tuned for some Fashion Blogging, Take 1.


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