2010 Year of Culture: February

University of Birmingham

And as another month draws to a close, another cultural month has been completed.  I’m very pleased with myself actually, this is the longest I’ve kept up a New Year Revolution.  Week 1 of February, Week 5 of the Year, was a trip to Vue Cinema in Leicester Square in London to see the cinema phenomenon: Avatar.  Amazing.  I have no words to describe how incredible I found this film.  The half bottle of wine had at dinner beforehand certainly helped the 3D atmosphere and I just loved the cross between the Smurfs and Pocahontus.  Week 6 was a weekend in Tonbridge Wells (see ‘The Beautiful Weekend’ post).  Such a quaint, gorgeous town.  And yes it is a town, anywhere with a Starbucks is officially a town.  Week 7 was a trek to Birmingham where I saw the University in snowfall.  Very beautiful, and most cultural – it has it’s own Art Gallery and Concert Hall!  Whilst Week 8 was a trip to Glasgow (see ‘Glasgow’ post).  I’ll let you read about that in post devoted to it.

I’m having such a great time of this Cultural Year, I would really recommend it.  It gives me a stress release, a focus and interests besides every day life.  Love it.  Laters.


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