Kelvingrove Museum

Life is stressful at the best of times, but even more so when you are at college doing A Levels and you need to do well to get to University.  So February half term took me to Glasgow, just for a few days, just for a break.  A beautiful break.

I’ve been blessed enough to have travelled far and wide but have never before visited a city so culturally diverse.  One side of the street is the old school Gorbals, rough, broken, dilapidated tenements and the other side is a glorious, grand historical haven of architecture.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum bought Glasgow to life with the untold tale of history while the Mitchell Library provided a silent nucleus in which to chill.  Glasgow Cathedral was immense and I was fortunate enough to meet some true Glaswegians at Trades Hall.  Culturally, an amazing couple of days.  Shopping wise, flipping brilliant!

Buchanan Street

As the second most concentrated area for shopping in the UK (outside London) I was in my fashion element the entire time.  Every corner turned presents a lush boutique or a quirky vintage store, as well as the legendary Buchanan Street.  The women looked amazing in brogues, chunky knits and top knots.  I feel so inspired and refreshed.  All hail Glasgow.


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