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Peter Doherty

After an avid read of March’s ‘Company’ magazine focusing on Music and Music Blogging, I thought this an idyllic time to share my views and experience regarding music using their format.  So here goes…

MY CHILDHOOD TRACK: Love – Nat King Cole- Yes, an old school classic I know!  I spent my entire childhood watching ‘The Parent Trap’ more times than I would care to disclose.  This is the title track and I recall boring my parents silly constantly singing this!

MY FIRST SINGLE: All Rise – Blue- I absolutely loved Blue.  I remember seeing them in concert when I was about 10.  I was in love with Duncan, having him on my wall for numerous years.  It was funny when my childhood heart throb looked me in the eye recently during a preview ‘Legally Blonde The Musical’ performance.

MY NIGHT OUT ANTHEM: Boom Boom Pow – The Black Eyed Peas- This was my soundtrack to Zante, Summer 2009!  I have so many good memories of this song, peanut fights in bars, cowboy hats, wine and cigarette tasting … all round raves!

TRACK OF THE DECADE: F*** Forever – Babyshambles- I remember my brother playing me the NME Album in 2006 and I fell in love with this song, mainly the daring rebellious title, being 14 and fairly innocent.  I’ve loved it ever since, I rock out to it, I dance to it; it always puts a smile on my face.

SONG THAT MAKES ME SMILE: Jolene – Dolly Parton- Another Summer 2009 tune, this time Camp (See ‘The Beautiful Weekend’ post).  It describes one of my best friends Shona to a tee so makes me think of her.  I absolutely love it.

Dolly Parton

SONG THAT MAKES ME THINK OF MY DAD: Stay With Me – Ironik- The Radio 1 Live Lounge version, naturally.  He heard it once when I played it and fell in love with it.  I always catch him singing it when he cooks, when he works; it’s hilarious.  He once drunkenly (and quite morbidly) suggested I sing/rap it at his funeral.  Bless him.

BEST SONG WHEN I HATE THE WORLD: Mr Brightside – The Killers – An absolute classic.  This is a rare event but I can scream, cry and generally hate the world to this song, it’s universal, I think everybody can find meaning from this.

So there you go, I love my music, I always have.  Quite varied to say the least but that’s me, quite varied :)


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