2010 Year of Culture: January

One of my New Year Revolutions was to do something cultural every week, and 6th week in, I’m succeeding.  January was a good start to the year.  Amidst the crazy hell of January Exams I was able to take time out for myself and continue the journey of intellect, class and sophistication (I’m lacking in the last 3). 

So Week 1 was Belgium and France, where I saw in the New Year.  I tweeted; ‘May 2010 dawn upon us all in love, hope and promise’ and so far for me, it has.  Week 2 was dancing at Camberley Theatre, tricking, breaking and the like.  Week 3 was a gorgeous trip to The British Library, it was so interesting!  I managed to revise for a bit but overall came away refreshed and slightly buzzing (great coffee).  Week 4 of January was The Godalming Museum.  It was amazing.  Many people thought I was crazy, but hey, oughtn’t I know at least some history behind the place I spend every day of my life in?!

So the Year of Culture is going well.  I feel like I’m learning more and becoming less ignorant towards my surroundings and my life.  This is good :)


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