The Beautiful Weekend

For past 10 years, every year, for once a week, I lose myself at a beautiful Christian Camp in the heart of the New Forest; MWCC.  An innocent laughing camper, progressed to an adolescent angsty camper, before settling on the happy-go-lucky leader I am today.  It’s a bizarre mix that can only be understood by those who have experienced it which results in one of the most beautiful weeks of my year, of my life.

And so the beautiful weekend.  A leader’s reunion at Carroty Wood in Tonbridge.  Playing Trivial Pursuit at 3am, cooking burritos for 18 people, 6am Boggle, alot of singing, alot of laughs, alot of tears equals my weekend.  Social and emotional mayhem resulted in an opportunity to see old friends, and grow closer to some new ones.  I feel closer to God, I feel closer to myself.  All the tiredness was worth all the happiness.

And so the beautiful weekend, and that’s an understatement.


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