To Pub Or Not To Pub?

So I’ve been wondering this for a while now.  Once a week, I take a couple of hours by myself and head to Cafe Nero where I chill out alone with a coffee, a panini and a good book.  This is deemed socially acceptable on many levels.  You see business meetings, screaming babies, sports teams, but more often that not you see women alone enjoying their own company in the haven of an Italian coffee shop.

Then add alcohol.  When I told various family and friends that as soon as my 18th birthday arrives, these coffee shop visit will turn to pub visits, all hell broke loose.  ‘People will think you are on the pull’, ‘People will think you have been stood up’, ‘People will think you have no friends’.  And for the first time in my life, I’ve actually begun to ponder what ‘People will think’.  Never before have I been concerned with society and society’s views about me and my life, until now.

Why is it so different?  I would be none of these things; I would not be on the pull, I would not be stood up, and I would not be friendless.  Why is it, the second you add a pint to the equation rather than a cappacino, the tables can turn so ridiculously?  I see no problem in entering a pub of a lunch time with a book to have a pint with fish and chips, alone.  Apparently, the world does.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “To Pub Or Not To Pub?

  1. Well I sit in a pub [occasionally] & have definitely just sat with a Guiness & read Harry Potter 6! I see nothing wrong with meeting in a pub rather than a coffee house – just remember you can do both – you don’t have to migrate straight to the pub & abandon the serenity & space of a coffee house! Do both kiddo – the pub adds a change of scene.

  2. Well I have no issue with it, but I suppose the whole point of this argument is about what people think of you. I’d say that that occasion is likely the only you’ll see them, so who cares what they think of you?
    That’s what I do and people don’t think I’m weird (?)

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