The Beginning

So I’ve been tweeting for nearly a year.  In that time I’ve posted nearly 1000 tweets with my most tweeted word being ‘day’, closely followed by ‘Jedward’.  I’ve tweeted photos, websites, videos, polls, always with the intention of wanting to say more, and never quite being able to.  My tweets have ranged from cultural visits, what I’m wearing, how gorgeous Madhur Mittal is, what I’m studying, my numerous trips abroad; you get the idea.

At first, I wondered who would really be interested in what I have to say.  At the risk of sounding like Diana Vickers, ‘little old me’, without the Blackburn part.  To date, I have 132 followers including Boris Johnson, , Olly Murs, and Rupert Grint, .  It seems I am quite interesting.

So welcome to my blog.  This will be everything on twitter and more.  Peace Out.


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